Tarte Tartelette™ Toasted Eyeshadow Palette Review

For months, everyone has been eagerly looking forward to this warm palette with the theme of autumn, but Tarte used some clever marketing methods to promote it, and when the leaves began to change and the cool breath of autumn filled the air Publish it at the appropriate time.

I really like the packaging of all Tartelette palettes. This golden packaging with warm eyeshadow looks so gorgeous. The color palette is stylish and easy to carry. It is a perfect combination of brown, terracotta and bronze. I like the mirror inside, it is the size of the palette cover. It can make your eyes beautiful and close to your eyes very easily, thereby achieving very precise applications.

Contains 12 warm neutral colors, a mix of matte and metallic colors. I hope there are more variations in shiny hues-three are medium copper variations! ——The golden hue is finer and the pressing is firmer. The eyeshadows perform well, but the matte powdery quality makes them a texture that requires a primer to do well.

They are smooth and almost creamy in texture, but they foam slightly when you dip the brush. As always, my swatch is a single pass and there is no base underneath, so you can really see the nature of the paint.

In short, I highly recommend you to try it! I will definitely not regret it!




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