Tarte Tartelette™ Amazonian Clay Matte Palette Review

Tarte Tartelette Juicy Eyeshadow Palette is a brand new Amazon clay eyeshadow palette.

It comes in a small purple and gold mirror box, which is a little smaller than a CD. It has a large full-size mirror inside, which is very suitable for travel, if you want to have 12 easy-to-wear matte eyeshadows when you go out. In the box, you will also find a small card with simple instructions, you can use the color palette to create two appearances.

These are very lightweight swatches. Shadows can also be wet to increase intensity.

Literally, this is a perfect matte finish. All the tones are smooth and silky, easy to mix, and the color effect is excellent. Tarte’s eyeshadow formula is very long-lasting, so it is very suitable for people with oily eyelids that are difficult to maintain eye makeup.

They are very creamy, smooth, easy to blend and are a real treat for my dry eyes. I never have a problem when Tarte’s matte eyeshadow is applied unevenly or unevenly! The matte texture is soft, silky and easy to blend.

The palette is very warm, I personally like this one more because it allows me to create warmer, more nude, and more natural eye makeup!




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