Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Review

Juicy lips are here! Starting from tarte, Maracuja Juicy Lips has an ultra-shiny hue that can be clicked and tinted into moist, juicy lips. The gloss melts on the lips, bringing sensual hints of moisturizing color and smoother appearance. In addition, it also contains moisturizers that help to temporarily plump the skin.

I like this lip gloss very much. This is the most comfortable app I got from lippie! It is smooth and glides easily, but does not come off or slip off the lips. It is a mixture of moisturizing gloss and tinted lipstick. I put it in the shade of roses and it is perfect for me.

I have used almost the entire gloss, it comes with a lot of products! It has strong hydration and high gloss, and it is absolutely not sticky! In fact, it is very moisturizing, smoothing the appearance of the lip line and plumping the lips (but not the stinging sensation that most plumping formulas usually have).

Apply it on your favorite lipstick for gloss and protection, or wear it alone for subtle colors. It also works well under the mask and keeps my lips hydrated with a little pop of color.

I think these are almost like stick lip balm. They are as soft as lip balm and shine like lip balm. Have you used it?




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